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Deseret News Archive
From left, on the new KTVX newsroom set, which had its official premiere on April 2, 1985, newscasters Clayton Brough, Karen Carns, Phil Riesen and Steve Brown.

SALT LAKE CITY — It was the first TV in Salt Lake City. NBC sold the flamboyant radio-station owner Sidney S. Fox a set of equipment to set up a television demonstration, according to www.abc4.com.

Fox began demonstrations in the Paris Department Store in Salt Lake City in September of 1939. Utah has been in love with TV ever since.

A few years later, Fox began the first broadcast television station, KDYL (now KTVX 4) on April 19, 1948.

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Photo historian Ron Fox (no relation to Sidney Fox) has assembled some photographs from the Deseret News archives that give a peek back at television in Utah — from local politicians to Pioneer Day parades.

Ron Fox found photographs from early days to modern days — from the first coast-to-coast broadcast from Salt Lake City (an Oct. 14, 1952, presidential campaign speech by Adlai Stevenson) to upgrading the antenna farm on Farnsworth Peak for digital television.

Along the way were local TV shows, the advent of cable TV in the early 1970s, and a multitude of news anchors and supporting technology — and a lot of TV dinners.

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