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Auburn QB Cam Newton holds up the Heisman Trophy he was awarded.

The best and the worst: and other dubious awards — for the 2010 sports year.

Worst Comeback: Brett Favre. There are rumors that the quarterback is going to write a book called, "How to Ruin a Legacy." His co-authors will be LeBron James and Tiger Woods.

Worst Press Conference (Or Most Entertaining): After a lopsided loss to BYU, Utah basketball coach Jim Boylen chewed out a reporter for not covering more of his team's games and refused to answer questions. Gee, who expects to answer questions in a press conference? Still, reporters hadn't had this much fun since Rick Majerus left town.

Worst Trend: Concussions on the gridiron. What makes it worse is that there are limits to what can be done to prevent them since the real damage is inflicted by the brain bouncing around inside the skull. No helmet can stop that.

Silliest Trend (besides flopping in soccer): Icing the kicker. Stupid, ridiculous, boring, maddening. First we have to wait around while officials look at replays and tell us if what we saw is really what we think we saw. Now this?

Best Story Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: How about a movie that chronicles the life of an under-achieving but supremely gifted quarterback who loses his fortune and reputation, goes to prison, misses two seasons, then returns and becomes the best player in the NFL. Or, what about a movie that chronicles the career of a baseball player who misses two seasons to alcoholism and drug addiction, then recovers with help from Grandma and God and comes back to win baseball's MVP award? Nah, never mind; it's completely unbelievable.

Best Comeback Not Involving Prison or Drug Addiction: Utahn Kevin Curtis, who played in only four NFL games the last two seasons because of injuries and missed the first 13 games this season to undergo surgery for testicular cancer. He signed with the Dolphins last week and caught a pass.

Co-Hypocrite of the Year: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The league is in the midst of a concussion epidemic and Goodell is pushing for an 18-game schedule that will expose players to more wear and tear and shorten careers. All that blather about protecting players is secondary to monetary considerations.

Co-Hypocrite of the Year: BCS coordinator Bill Hancock, a complete sellout, continues to tell us the current bowl system is the best thing for college football. Hancock is the biggest shoveler of crapola since the cigarette companies and Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Black & Decker Tool of the Year: LeBron "LeDecision" James uses a tedious one-hour ESPN special to announce that he is "taking his talents" to Miami, jilting his hometown in the process. Nice. Memo to BronBron: Enough with the pregame chalk-throwing routine already; the rest of us aren't feelin' the love.

Most Misdirected Sanctions: Pete Carroll flees to the safety of the NFL just before USC is hit with major sanctions for NCAA violations. Reggie Bush, the cause of the sanctions, is long gone to the NFL. It's a great system of justice — do the crime and someone else does the time.

The Learning Curve Award: The Heisman Trophy is presented to Cam Newton, who has been under NCAA investigation, in the same year the Heisman was taken away from Reggie Bush for NCAA violations. BTW, is it just a coincidence that the NCAA spared Cam Newton punishment because he was the Heisman frontrunner and star of the nation's No. 1 team?

Best Case of Poetic Justice: Carlos Boozer, the ultimate NBA mercenary, flees the Utah Jazz, who paid him $70 million while he missed one out of every 3 1/2 games for six years, to sign with the Bulls, where he has missed 15 of 25 games so far.

NBA Farm Team of the Year: The Utah Jazz, which provided the Chicago Bulls with not one, but three free agents: Boozer, Kyle Korver and Ron Brewer (technically it was Memphis after the Jazz traded him to the Grizzlies). Curiously, both the Jazz and Bulls are leading their divisions.

Strangest Quote: Bronco Mendenhall telling KSL Radio at the outset of the football season how excited his coaches and players were to rotate two quarterbacks. "(BYU offensive coaches) like that challenge and ultimately it will make us better," he said. Bet he'd like to take that one back.

The Michael Scott Dundie Award for World's Best Boss: Bronco Mendenhall, who talked all fall about unity and adversity and wore shirts that said "Band of Brothers," fired his defensive coordinator and told his offensive staff to look for jobs. This is the same staff that won 10 or more games in each of the previous four seasons. New slogan: When the going gets tough, the assistants get going.

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Forrest Gump Trophy: In separate incidents on back-to-back weekends, an NFL assistant coach and an NFL player hit opposing players during a punt return while standing on the sideline. Both morons were fined. OK, if this wasn't clear previously, let's review: IF YOU'RE NOT WEARING A UNIFORM OR YOU'RE STANDING ON THE SIDELINE, YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE IN THE GAME. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Be Careful What You Wish For Cup: To the University of Utah, which is leaving the Mountain West Conference to join the Pac-12.

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