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Steve Young

One of the greatest BYU players of all time had his NFL career cut short due to concussions. Steve Young had a total of seven concussions in his career. He was a great player, winning the MVP twice and the Super Bowl three times, but missed many games due to these concussions. The career of another great and upcoming BYU star, Austin Collie, is starting to look like Steve Young's.

He helped the Colts to the Super Bowl last year as a rookie and played a big role in that game. At the beginning of this season he led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards. He still has a great career in front of him, but he might want to think about his future after football. Steve Young retired because he wanted to live a good life after football. I hope Collie continues to play as good as he has been and helps his team win, but if these concussions continue, he might need to think about his life and his health.

Trent Madsen

North Salt Lake