BYU's move to become independent was questionable at first, but it is starting to look better. The Cougars are scheduled to play traditional powerhouse teams from automatic BCS qualifier conferences. In the 2011 season BYU is matched up against Ole Miss, Texas, Central Florida, and Oregon State. Past this next season they are scheduled to play Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Boise State and West Virgina and more to come. With the departure of TCU from the MWC, the conference is getting worse. Yes Boise is coming in, and yes they will continue to be a national power, but that one team cannot fill the departure of TCU, Utah and BYU. Nevada and Fresno are joining, but Nevada's future is not looking great, and Fresno is just like another Air Force or SDSU. Hawaii is a great team but BYU and Hawaii are scheduled to play many more games. The Big-12 will eventually fill its two vacant spots from the departure of Nebraska and Colorado. BYU could fill that spot. The Cougars are showing the Big-12 that they are able to bring in a lot of money and attract a national audience through national television (ESPN).

Trent Madsen

North Salt Lake