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Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Matt Reynolds, left, walks to midfield before BYU's game against New Mexico along with fellow co-captain Andrew Rich.

BYU junior left tackle Matt Reynolds has started 38 consecutive games in his career, having started every game since he was a freshman in 2008. A team captain and two-time first-team All-Mountain West Conference performer, Reynolds answered questions this week from Deseret News sportswriter Jeff Call about the upcoming New Mexico Bowl game against UTEP and the Cougars' remarkable late-season turnaround.

Question: For the first time in your career, you're going to a bowl other than Las Vegas. What are your thoughts about going to the New Mexico Bowl?

Answer: I'm really excited. It's another chance for us to show that we've been making improvements — that we are who we thought we were and that we can play with anybody. I think that's ultimately been the goal for the whole season.

Question: You've quietly dealt with injuries all year. How are you feeling physically?

Answer: Pretty good. I'm just trying to make it through the end of the season. Just one more to go.

Question: How would you sum up this season?

Answer: I think roller-coaster describes it pretty well. We started off really struggling. We learned a lot and grew a lot. The last several weeks have shown that, what type of potential we have.

Question: Can the loss to Utah in the regular-season finale help your team as you get set to take on UTEP?

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Answer: The Utah game was another sign of where we've come. Obviously, the last play, unfortunately, didn't go the way that we wanted it to. But the whole game, if you look at the way the game rolled out, quarter after quarter after quarter we were out-performing (Utah). I think that's what we're looking forward to most in this game — it's a chance to come back to play and get that bad taste out of our mouth and show that we are what we thought we were before our last game.

Question: With the layoff that comes between the Utah game and the bowl game, what is the key to keep the offense rolling?

Answer: A lot of it is how we practice. It's got to be a mindset. There was a definite change in mindset over the last few weeks. That is what we need to keep going and keep in mind that if we let down at all, it's not going to help any of us. We need to finish out the best we can.