Jazz law firm doing good business

By now, the fears are starting to be realized. That newly merged Salt Lake City firm of Malone & Malone is scaring people half to death. Someone should phone The Wall Street Journal: Malone & Malone Planning Hostile Takeover.

Despite 35 points and 13 rebounds from Karl Malone, his performance was overshadowed by Jeff Malone's 43-point-night as the Jazz swallowed the Golden State Warriors 135-117 Tuesday in the Salt Palace. Certainly, the Jazz have discovered a good way to do business.

Karl, who hasn't had many nights in his career in which he scored 35 points and wasn't the star of the show, seemed to be enjoying himself. "You had to know he (Jeff Malone) was gonna bust out. You knew any day he was gonna bust out," said Karl gleefully. "That's the best pure shooting I've ever seen in a person since I came in the league. He was red hot."