SALT LAKE CITY — Highland sophomore Christina Thorderson was taken off the court on a stretcher Friday night for precautionary reasons after hitting her head on the brick wall behind the basket in the Rams' game with Kearns.

The initial diagnosis was a concussion, but she was also experiencing pain in her neck. Medical personnel were informed that Thorderson has a prior neck condition, and they decided not to risk anything and called for an ambulance.

Kearns led 35-16 with 1:30 remaining in the third quarter when the injury occurred. Kearns won the game 52-25.

The injury occurred in a battle for a rebound, and Highland coach Vicki Boney said Thorderson went flying afterward. Her elbow hit the court first, but then her head whipped back into the brick wall.

"She was flying. That's just the type of player she is," said Boney. "We all play like football players."

Boney said Thorderson had a hard time focusing immediately after the injury and was slipping in and out of consciousness a few times.

As Thorderson was taken off the court on a stretcher by the Salt Lake County Fire Department, the Kearns and Highland players gathered in a circle at midcourt and said a quick prayer.

Thorderson had played sparingly in Highland's first two games, but injuries to teammates had thrust her into a larger role Friday.

Fellow sophomore guard Marissa Anderson went down with a knee injury earlier in the game. Senior guard Austin Fawson fractured her wrist on Tuesday, and sophomore Marlee McKean is dealing with a sprained ankle.

The start of the Highland boys game against Judge was delayed about 55 minutes.