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You can't really play this Music Table, but it will certainly bring back childhood memories. It is $950 at jellio.com.

If your child is a big fan of Disney's "iCarly," (and if they're not, they should be it's one of the rare kids shows doesn't make parents want to run away from home), you'll recognize the furniture from Jellio.

Their larger than life ice cream sandwich bench and gummy bear lamps decorate Carly's place, and they can up the fun factor up your kid's room, too.

The company's motto is "Fun...by design" and this stuff certainly is fun, but it's also pretty enough to eat. If you're not the type who can have a chair shaped like giant chocolate cupcake around the house without it negatively affecting your diet, then you might go for the items that are modeled after toys you'll remember from your own childhood such as the Rubik's Cube Table or the Cap Gun Mirror.

It's true that copying a Disney set or giving way to nostalgic sentiment will set you back a pretty penny. You'll lay out between $600-$2,000 for most items, but which one will give you a smile every time you look at it -- that old $200 plank of wood coffee table, or one shaped like a toy xylophone or a piece of candy?

See more at www.jellio.com, but you know what they say never go shopping on an empty stomach.