(Kunzer)-Murphy's law

Tina Kunzer-Murphy may not have meant it as a slight; some believe she was talking about the TCU-Utah game, rather than Utah-BYU.

Either way, quotes happen.

The Las Vegas Bowl director was on ESPN 700 last week when she said, "It was a glorious day and I thought we might see an upset, but it wasn't meant to be. But it's OK, because we're delighted to be able to get Utah in our game."

That sent the Ute message boards into a tizzy. Could her remark have been payback for Kyle Whittingham's 2005 observation that the best way to see Vegas was through the rearview mirror?

In any case, she closed strongly, saying, "We're looking forward to it, and go Utes!"

Meanwhile, Whittingham said, "We are very excited about our invitation to play in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl."

So let's see if we can summarize: Whit didn't necessarily want to be there unless he had to, TKM didn't necessarily want the Utes there unless she needed them, but since it happened, they're both making happy.

Just like parent-teacher conference, minus the punch and cookies.


When the USU and UVU women's basketball teams played, last Wednesday, each starting lineup featured a Jenna Johnson.

UVU's Jenna is from Salem, Utah, while USU's Jenna is from Wasilla, Alaska, home of Sarah Palin.

Rumor has it neither coach was worried about the opposing Jenna going to her left.

Ask and receive

BYU quarterback Jake Heaps did all he could to help the Cougars beat Utah in this year's game.

"I was on my knees praying for it," he said of the field goal that never took flight. "My heart just sank when I saw it all happen."

Too dramatic? Not really.

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Remember, last time a BYU player fell to his knees, Jonny Harline ended up catching the winning touchdown.

Victory is the name

One random score from Sunday's college basketball games: Texas-Pan Am 101, Victory University 94.

The loss moved Victory's season record to 6-7.

And you thought the Utah Jazz were misnamed.


Golfer John Daly on his 100-pound weight loss: "The biggest problem has been my putting, because I've got nowhere to put my elbows. I used to be able to put my elbows on my love handles and putt pretty good. Now they're all over the place."

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