Among all of his attributes, President Obama's most recognizable one is deafness. He ignored the people who opposed his health care reform, demonstrated when Scott Brown won the people's seat in Massachusetts. Now he is ignoring the November elections, where his programs were emphatically repudiated. He continues to use his czars to regulate into law those issues which have been rejected by the Congress and the people such as "cap and tax." The EPA is projected to drive hundreds of thousands of coal workers out of work with its new regulations relating to ozone emissions (and raising the cost of electricity to all Americans — the phantom tax increase). His 15-person health-care panels will dictate our health care and how and when it will be delivered. The new Congress needs to de-fund the EPA, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Education and other worthless bureaucracies. Congress still controls the purse strings (sort of).

Frank C. Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights