"THE CELESTIAL GLOBE, KRONOS CHRONICLES BOOK 2," by Marie Rutkoski, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 304 pages, $16.99 (young adult)

Marie Rutkoski's "The Celestial Globe" is an exhilarating sequel to her first book, "The Cabinet of Wonders." This fast-paced, free-willed tale sprints from beginning to end in a creative and stimulating adventure.

Petra Kronos, a spirited 13-year-old girl living with her inventor father in a tiny Bohemian village, is in great danger. Prince Rodolpho, ruler of Bohemia, has learned of the turmoil she has caused him and has dispatched his skeletal Gray Men to put an end to her. Luckily, the loathed mental link that she shares with eccentric magician John Dee comes to her rescue, and she is able to escape through a hidden loophole that transports her to another part of the world.

Just as she is reunited with her good friends Neel and Tomik, she is captured by a group of Roma pirates. These pirates possess one of two magical globes, and they are desperately seeking the second. When combined, these commanding magical tools give their users power over the world net of loopholes. But the pirates aren't the only ones looking for the globes, and many would stop at nothing to control these enchanted spheres.

Soon, Petra finds herself trapped in London in the custody of Dee. She is exposed to his mysterious wife, affable daughters and a handsome tutor while he instructs her in magic and seeks to understand her hidden powers. But is there a traitor in their midst?

When a murderous plot that penetrates the deepest levels of London's royal society is discovered, Petra is thrown into the very center of a brooding and wicked scheme. This feisty Bohemian teenager is determined to right the wrongs and seek out the truth of the veiled evil around her that all seems to focus on the Celestial Globe. With the help of her friends — old and new — Petra embarks on a thrilling adventure that draws readers into an exciting and mysterious world.

This book is a fun and creative voyage with unexpected twists and energetic turns. It takes the reader in and doesn't let go. Rutkoski's creative imagery and beautifully descriptive thoughts create a world that you could happily get lost inside. The characters are dynamic, and you really feel drawn to them and the struggles they face. The individuals that endeared themselves to readers in the first book come alive and deepen in this second exciting journey.

This is a worthy continuation to an enthralling story. Young readers and their older counterparts will love this enjoyable, lively read.

Melissa DeMoux is a stay-at-home mother of six who lives in West Valley City.