Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University is simply wrong about the BCS playoff system. An organization does not legislate a member out of any honor that the organization may bestow. Out of fear or greed, that is exactly what the six automatic qualifying conferences, with the help and aid of the NCAA, have done to their fellow NCAA members. The six conferences have members who cannot fight their way out of a paper bag, yet those schools, because of conference membership, are accorded all rights, privileges, and rewards, while others, "the mid-majors," have had their rights, and their rewards stolen from them.

Most of the time a "mid-major" may not be good enough to play for the championship, but when it is, it should have the privilege.

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The old system, when the games were played and then the "experts" decided who was best, was very good. But, the BCS conferences dropped that system because they did not want a repeat of 1984, when BYU won the championship. The NCAA then went to the present system to legislate some of their members out of the honors and rewards.

A much better system and one the six BCS conferences would choose if they had some honor and less greed, is an eight-team playoff. We would have a true champion. All universities would have their opportunity, and no school would have been denied.

Howard H Johnson