Ravell Call, Deseret News
Brian David Mitchell, who is accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, is escorted into federal court for his trial earlier this month.

Editor's note: The documents posted here contain profanity and other material of a graphic nature. We warn readers that some people may find these details objectionable.

SALT LAKE CITY — The U.S. District Court for the District of Utah released several documents and other exhibits Wednesday relating to the trial of Brian David Mitchell, who is accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart.

In a March 12, 2003, interview between Mitchell, Salt Lake police detective Cordin Parks and FBI agent Jeffrey Ross, Mitchell tells investigators that Smart had a "glorious experience" with him for nine months.

To read the transcript, see the file at the bottom of this article.

Also released was a report from Leroy Franke, who testified this week that he met a 16-year-old Mitchell in 1970 when Franke was working as a social worker in 2nd District Juvenile Court. Mitchell was sent to court after exposing himself to a young girl and asking her to touch his genitals.

Franke said he thought there could be a mental health issue with Mitchell. He described the teen's behavior as "bizarre," his thought process as "irrational" and said Mitchell's behavior grew increasingly worse.

The district court also released several of Mitchell's writings, including those with titles "The Book of Immanuel David Isaiah"; "Birth of Zion"; and "The Ark of the Covenant: Journey and Mission."