The Advent Vespers Procession, "From Darkness to Light," will be celebrated at Cathedral of the Madeleine by its choir today (Sunday) at 5 p.m.

The public and people of all faiths are invited to the free program.

The service begins in darkness and silence as the introductory chants are sung. Moving with ministers and clergy in candlelight from the western transept to the eastern transept of Salt Lake City's turn-of-the-century Catholic Cathedral, the choir will sing traditional evening service chants, psalms and other choral music in anticipation of the coming of Christmas. Musical works by Bord, Bruckner, Guerrero and Manz will be featured.

Director of Music Gregory Glenn said that "the music of this event, sung by the cathedral choir, is a mixture of plainsong and polyphony, all of which is unaccompanied. The austerity of this style of music is perfectly in keeping with the feeling of expectation that underpins this season.

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