I just finished reading a letter by T.G. Mahas ("Copy Notre Dame," Readers' Forum, Nov. 21) about how the Ute's should copy some nice sportsmanship that Notre Dame has been doing. Here are four things that I think the University of Utah administration and fans should do in the upcoming game this Saturday against BYU and in the future at Rice-Eccles Stadium:

(1) They should cheer for the visiting team, not boo them, because, let's be frank, no one likes to be booed. It's just plain mean! Also, cheering will confuse the opposing team. It's like killing them with kindness and good sportsmanship.

(2) No one likes to have their eardrums blasted with a bunch of noise. It's really annoying.

(3) Fans should get to the game on time. If I were a football player, I don't think I would be really happy about playing if there were almost no fans there.

(4) The university should make more entrances for the people, because it would go hand in hand with my last statement and help people get in the stadium easier.

Tanner Howell

Age 12