SALT LAKE CITY — Dogs and other animals may have furry coats, but they still need protection from the cold.

PETA recommends pets be kept inside as the temperatures drop, especially puppies, kittens, elderly and small animals, and dogs with short hair. Pets relegated to the backyard can suffer from frostbite and become dehydrated when water sources freeze. Cats allowed to roam may seek warmth under the hoods of vehicles and be injured or killed when the engine is started.

Pets' legs, feet and stomachs should be wiped off after they have been in the snow because salt and other chemicals can make them sick, the animal advocacy group said. Pets also should get more food in the winter and may need a sweater or coat during walks.

Birds and other wild animals also need extra help in freezing weather. PETA advises hanging bird feeders from trees and breaking up the surface ice on a water source twice daily. For more information, visit