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"AN AWESOME BOOK OF THANKS," by Dallas Clayton, AmazonEncore, $17.95

Dallas Clayton's bold organic drawings — part cartoon, part Raschka — introduce a quirky cast of creatures with an obvious message: There are lots and lots of awesome reasons to give thanks.

The author/artist portrays this message through a team of nine colorful blobs — could these be over-sized Emberley fingerprints? — that remind us to be grateful for all we have, "like gigantic dino machines and small things and all things that fall in between."

The blob-people are interspersed with a lizard and wizard ball game, girelephants in silly hats and swimming dragons that "can turn out to be good."

The text in staccato verse — sometimes depending on rhyme and rhythm, sometimes not — reflects the frantic pace of animals ("foxes, dachshunds, oxen, snakes, magic rocks, lucky breaks") and reminders of the overall theme — "thanks for patience and hopes and rewards and revisions and delightful decisions."

The message with brash illustrations conveyed in more than 80 pages of reasons for gratitude won't be missed by young readers. It may encourage them to make "awesome" reasons of their own for thanksgiving.

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