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John Bramley
Jim Carrey stars as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge.

Jim Carrey's take on Scrooge and several holiday films lead these movies that landed on DVD this week.

"A Christmas Carol" (Disney/Blu-ray, 2009, PG, two discs, $39.99). Robert Zemeckis, who gave us the "Back to the Future" films and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," has lately been enamored with motion-capture animation and 3-D technology, as demonstrated by his films "The Polar Express" and "Beowulf." (He is currently working on a 3-D, motion-capture remake of "Yellow Submarine.")

This version of the oft-filmed Charles Dickens classic turns it into an action picture of sorts, led by Carrey's wild-eyed interpretation of Scrooge at various ages, and as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Good supporting cast helps (Bob Hoskins, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright), but it's Carrey's show all the way, and there's no middle ground between those who love it and those who hate it.

Extras: widescreen, deleted scenes, featurettes, trailers; Blu-ray disc and DVD disc (also on four-disc Blu-ray with 3-D option, $49.99, and one-disc DVD, $29.99)

"Mrs. Miracle" (Sony, 2009, $20.95). This Hallmark Channel TV movie is a comedy-fantasy set during the holidays, with James Van Der Beek as a single father in desperate need of a housekeeper for his rambunctious 6-year-old twins.

Enter: Doris Roberts as a sort of fairy godmother "Supernanny," who also tries to fix up dad with a cute preschool teacher (Erin Karpluk). Cute Christmas-themed family film.

Extras: widescreen

"Lottery Ticket" (Warner/Blu-ray, 2010, PG-13, two discs, $35.99). Bow Wow (the rapper/actor's stage name) exhibits natural charm as a slacker in the projects who wins a $370 million lottery and finds himself with lots of new friends.

Predictable comedy tries too hard but is fitfully amusing. Ice Cube, who co-produced, has a pivotal supporting role, once again playing older.

Extras: widescreen, deleted scenes, featurettes, trailers; combo pack includes Blu-ray, DVD discs (also on DVD, $28.98)

"Vengeance" (IFC, 2009, $24.98). Respected action director Johnnie To is behind this stylized Chinese gangster movie, which owes something to early John Woo.

A chef (French pop star Johnny Hallyday) seeks revenge after a hit on family members, but everything is not as it seems. Uneven, but there are some interesting twists and turns, and some get-your-attention shoot-outs.

Extras: widescreen; in Chinese, French and English, with English subtitles; featurette, trailer

"Don't Look Back" (IFC, 2009, $24.98). A wife and mother who has successfully written nonfiction books, tries for a novel related to her childhood, which apparently unlocks hidden memories, illustrated with computer graphics.

Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci play the same character at different stages in his layered psychological mystery.

Extras: widescreen, in French with English subtitles, trailer

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