I was very disgruntled when I read on the front page of the Deseret News that we should be more compassionate toward the illegal immigrants. Having been a general contractor most of my life I have to disagree with the fact that we should have more compassion for them. They knew the risk they were taking when they came into this country. Years ago some of my subcontractors hired a few. They all had papers showing they were legal. As time went on we found out they all had papers under different names. They sent most of their money back to Mexico. I suggest the people who think we should be more compassionate take a ride, check all the construction sites and see who is doing the work. No one seems to worry about the guy who was born and raised in the United States who has paid taxes all his life and who can't find work and is getting behind on all his bills.

Our government leaders say, "How would we get them back to Mexico?" Well let me tell you, first of all stop all government handouts. Then go after everyone who hires an illegal. Add a hefty fine and jail time. If they can't work they will go back to Mexico, and they won't be back except through a legal process.

Gerald Argyle

South Jordan