I don't know much about politics except the sick feeling I get inside when there is constant arguing. I don't know economics except I pay my bills and I keep a balanced check book. I don't know how to settle debates, but I know a peaceful heart when I have one. I felt it when I read the Utah Compact. I didn't feel it when I read the comments made about it.

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I am a grandmother and I know how I feel about my children and grandchildren. My forefathers came across the ocean wanting a better life for themselves and their children, which includes me. I am grateful America made room for them. We have been blessed. I feel sick inside for those in our day who have those same needs and desires for their families but are met with such harsh and sometimes impossible opposition. Desperate searching and scratching for a better life is different from premeditation to gain riches or do evil. It can't be this difficult to distinguish between the two. Let's find a way to help the ones who rightly desire and are willing to work for a peaceful place to call home. Let's find a way to turn the criminals away. I am certain there is someone out there smarter than I who can find the way to accomplish this. Our peace depends upon it.

I would say to those who talk just to hear themselves make noise, hush. Hush long enough to listen and seek the peace. Forget politics and economics and just plain hard-heartedness long enough to read the Utah Compact and feel the same peace that I felt. Those who choose to balk at such a request and continue the uncomfortable debating do not want peace. They only want attention and the praise of man.

Betty Tingey