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Michael Brandy, Deseret Morning News
Bingham's Jordan Pendleton will be off to play defensive back for BYU.

PROVO — More than anything, BYU linebacker Jordan Pendleton wants to be back on the field, playing at full-strength.

But his injured knee isn't cooperating.

Pendleton played one series last Saturday against UNLV, but other than that, he hasn't contributed since hurting his knee at Utah State on Oct. 1.

"It's been frustrating beyond belief," he said.

What makes it even tougher is, since he's been sidelined, coach Bronco Mendenhall has taken over the defensive coordinator duties and the Cougar defense has improved dramatically. "I've seen a lot more passion and a lot more players wanting to play for each other," Pendleton said. "They're flying around, having fun. That's all coming from the success they're having. They're playing really good. I'm happy for them. When people are making plays, I want to be out there so bad."

As for this week's game at Colorado State, Pendleton said he has "no idea" if he'll play. Head trainer Kevin Morris said it will be a game-time decision. Last week, Pendleton tested his knee for one series. "He didn't really feel where he wanted to be (in order) to play well," Morris said. "We're continuing to work on rehab and see if we can get him there."

Pendleton said he experiences "severe pain" in his knee. "It's the same amount of pain two weeks after I did it as I feel now. That's what really makes it hard. I can't play how I play. I can't cut and I can't jump. It's really hard for me to play with the amount of pain in there."

The injury occurred when he was "locked up" with a Utah State player, Pendleton said. "My leg kind of got caught in the turf and I felt my knee pop. I fell to the ground, and as I was falling, it popped back in. I knew something had happened. I wondered if I blew out my knee. I tried to get up and I couldn't bend my knee. I couldn't put any pressure on it. I couldn't bend my knee for a week after that. It was crazy, a freak accident."

COLLIE'S CONCUSSION: Sunday night, Pendleton's brother-in-law, Austin Collie, the former BYU receiver now playing for the Indianapolis Colts, suffered a concussion after a violent collision against the Philadelphia Eagles. The hit rendered Collie motionless on the turf.

Pendleton said he was watching the game with his parents and his brother. "All of the sudden it happened ... We were just really worried. He wasn't moving at all. We just were hoping that all it was (only) a concussion. I gave him a text, just telling him that I loved him. I was able to talk to him on the phone (Monday) and he was doing a lot better. I think he's going to be okay."

MORE INJURIES: Center Terence Brown "tweaked" his knee during Tuesday's practice, according to Morris. Brown was carted off the field at the Indoor Practice Facility and taken to the Student Athlete Building for treatment.

Guard Braden Hansen sustained an MCL sprain against UNLV and a decision about his status could be decided at game-time, Morris said.

Running back Mike Hague (strained hamstring) may be done playing for a while. "I'd say it would be tough for him to come back for the regular season," Morris said. "Maybe a bowl game, shoot for that."

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