In time for the "Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand" exhibition at BYU, two books have been released:

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"The Master's Hand: The Art of Carl Heinrich Bloch," by Dawn C. Pheysey and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel; Deseret Book, $39.95. The book includes 95 works by the famed artist, as well as a biography of Bloch's life and commentary on each of the images. Pheysey is curator of religious art at BYU's Museum of Art, and was instrumental in putting together the exhibition. Holzapfel served ad managing director of the Religious Studies Center publication office and professor of ancient scripture at BYU. He is currently serving as president of the Alabama Birmingham Mission.

>"This Is The Christ," art by Carl Heinrich Bloch, text by Paul Thomas Smith; Covenant Communications, $21.99. A visual and spiritual look at the life of Christ as depicted through the paintings of Carl Bloch, from "the angel Gabriel's annunciation to Mary, to the risen Lord's triumph over the grave." Smith is currently a service missionary for the Historic Sites Division of the Historical Department and a docent for the Museum of Church History.