SALT LAKE CITY — University of Utah football fans are facing a difficult dilemma as the biggest game of the season approaches Saturday. The U. is facing TCU, ranked third in the BCS standings. Utah is ranked fifth.

The game is a sellout and ticket prices are going through the roof online. Some scalpers are benefiting from solid paydays.

One seller on eBay Wednesday was attempting to sell four tickets for $2,000. Another in's classifieds page was trying to hawk a pair of seats for $500. Other tickets were on sale for $200 apiece.

That's a significant markup from the face value. University of Utah Stadium and Arena Event Services said an average ticket to a game costs $30 to $70, and season tickets range from $125 to $770. The TCU game has been a sellout for more than three weeks.

Carrie Bohnsack sold her two tickets for $140 apiece — enough to pay more than half the cost of her season tickets, or enough to put toward her student loans.

"I'm already going to watch the game — I'm just not going to be there. And I'm going to have all this extra cash," she said.

Bohnsack did waffle over the decision to stay away in favor of the money.

"It's not a huge … well, it is kind of a big deal because I'd like to go to the game, but the extra money is nicer," she said.

The demand is high. After offering one ticket on for $110, Shane Bills said he had six calls in an hour and a half.

Bohnsack said she has had no such luck trying to sell her Utah-BYU tickets. She has had no offer for those so far.

Tickets for the BYU-UNLV game in Provo Saturday are being hawked for $8 to $15 online.