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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Gordon Hayward before his hair cut.

A low profile

Because Utah is joining the Pac-10 next year, last Saturday's game against-Air Force game might have been the last between them.

That's OK with Ute coach Kyle Whittingham. Through 27 games, there is only a 24-point differential.

"I'm glad that they are not on our (future) schedule," Whittingham said. "I'm telling (A.D.) Chris Hill he's a dead man if he ever puts these guys on our schedule."

Possible upcoming newspaper headline: "Utah athletic director Hill schedules home-and-home with national power Auburn; enters witness protection program."


Long ago, the NBA banned Karl Malone from wearing his signature L.A. Gear shoes because they had blinking lights.

Guess what — Big Brother is still watching.

Recently the NBA ruled that players can no longer wear headbands with the league's logo upside down.

Let's be honest. If the NBA is so worried about things being upside down, how come New York is the biggest market but the Knicks haven't won a title in 37 years?

Close cut

There were a few tense moments near the end of the Jazz's home-opening loss to the Suns last Thursday.

All-Star Deron Williams chewed out rookie Gordon Hayward, reportedly for not knowing a play.


Rock On tends to believe Williams was just letting Hayward know what he thought of the rookie's new haircut.

Dose of competition

In a recent Sport Ancash-Hijos de Acosvinchos soccer match, four Hijos players collapsed.

Though the affected players suspected their Gatorade had been spiked, the Sport Ansch people said it wasn't a drugging at all, but a combination of chicken and energy drinks that created a sedative. Right.

Like the time the Oakland Raiders got high on airline honey nuts, shortbread cookies and Pawberry Punch.

Old school

Comedian Torben Rolfsen, on the GMAC Bowl switching its name to the GoDaddy.com Bowl: "That just doesn't have the tradition or majesty the old name had."

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