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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Bingham running back Harvey Langi has been suspended for Saturday's 5A playoff game against Hunter.

A drug test probably saved Harvey Langi's senior season.

The Bingham running back, 18, is still suspended for one game for being charged by the South Jordan police with trespassing, meaning he'll miss this Saturday's 5A playoff game against Hunter. He won't, however, be suspended for the remainder of the season for originally admitting to smoking marijuana.

Langi and three of his friends were caught trespassing in a home under construction in South Jordan late on Sunday, Oct. 17. The officers smelled marijuana, and Langi and his friends admitted to smoking it. Drugs were never found and the individuals were only charged with trespassing. One of the three friends is also a member of Bingham's football team, but he's under age.

When Bingham's administrators and coaching staff learned of the incident Wednesday — 10 days later — and discovered Langi and his teammate admitted to smoking marijuana, they informed them per team rules they were suspended for the rest of the season.

Both insisted they weren't smoking, and only admitted it because they felt the peer pressure of the moment.

Bingham coach Dave Peck informed Langi, one of the top high school senior recruits in the country, that unless he voluntarily took a drug test to prove he didn't smoke he was off the team.

Langi visited the Quality Drug Testing Services to take a urine test on Thursday. The Deseret News obtained a copy from the Langi family of the results and Langi tested negative for all drugs.

"I was at the house under construction with some friends. When the police came I was caught up in the moment and scared and did admit to the officer that I did use marijuana," said Langi in a statement to the Deseret News. "I was scared and just went with the pack. I am ashamed and I am sorry for what I did and what has happened. I am sorry for how my actions have affected Bingham High and the football team."

"The test proves that I did not smoke marijuana or take any other substances," said Langi.

Langi and his teammate must still sit out one game. If Bingham prevails, Langi would be reinstated for the quarterfinals.

"If that test would've failed, he would've been done," said Peck. "If we're fortunate enough to beat Hunter, he'll be back with us."

Peck said he's already spoken with both the University of Utah and BYU about the incident, and doesn't believe it will affect Langi's recruiting status with the schools. Earlier this week Langi was invited to play in the Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 8 in San Antonio, Texas.

Langi is being heavily recruited by Utah, BYU, Stanford, Colorado, UCLA and many others.

Langi is the second prominent Bingham player suspended this year. Earlier this year Seni Fauonuku, 17, was suspended two games because of robbery charges in West Jordan.

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