There has been much controversy and many questions asked concerning the awarding of the Utah County I-15 road construction bid to the successful contractor. There have been accusations of impropriety leveled against UDOT and Gov. Gary Herbert. I do not know anyone at UDOT or anyone associated with the contractors, so I claim lack of bias.

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As we have traveled around the country, we have often seen signs warning of construction projects for the next "x" number of miles and then driven for miles along barrels or other lane closures and detours yet never see anyone working until finally we go by 100 yards or so of actual work being performed. To the great credit of those who are doing the I-15 project, they are accomplishing miracles along the full length of the project almost simultaneously. I congratulate those planning and conducting the work for a job well done to this point. And though I neither justify nor condemn the paying of a significant dollar sum to another complaining bidder, I can only assume there were other factors that probably played into the decision to settle the issue thusly.

Herbert and his new bride moved into our neighborhood after they were newly married and I had the privilege to be their ecclesiastical leader. I have followed him through his various accomplishments and met him many times in the ensuing years. I have never known of even one issue where I suspected he was being anything less than honorable.

Ray W. Nelson