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Emily Freeman

There are good days and then there are some days that just plain aren't. And at times it's easier to see the ones that aren't great.

Learning how to see a good day is what author Emily Freeman shares as she presents in cities across the United States and Canada with the Deseret Book-sponsored Time Out for Women.

"I love to focus on the scriptures and what we can learn from the scriptures that apply to our life today," Freeman, of Lehi, said. She draws from I Peter 3:10 for her topic and the five lessons for seeing a good day.

"When I write, I love to bring the scriptures to life and use personal experiences," said Freeman, who has penned "The Ten Virgins," "21 Days Closer to Christ" and "The Promise of Enough."

But just getting to the Time Out for Women venue is a feat in itself, as getting on an airplane is a scary thing for her.

"I have to be super brave," Freeman said of getting on an airplane. "I would just rather be on the ground."

But once she is there, it's an incredible experience.

"The fun thing about Time Out for Women is that it's so unique," Freeman said, adding that no matter what city she is presenting in, she feels the strength and the desire of the women. "The women come wanting to learn … and are so excited."

And as she's in Planom, Texas, this weekend, don't be surprised if you see her sneaking a peek at her phone during a break.

The weekends she travels with the 2010 Infinite Hope tour are the weekends that her husband, Greg, is in charge at home and takes care of their two teenagers and their 11-year-old daughter. They also have a son who is serving a mission in Croatia.

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On Friday nights, Greg is in charge of dinner and on Saturday they head to their lacrosse games.

"Greg texts me the scores of the games," said Freeman, who teaches the 5-year-olds in her ward's Primary.

In addition to her trip to the Lone Star State, she is scheduled to speak in Atlanta and Salt Lake City, which won't require an airplane ride.

"I hope they feel lifted and encouraged and I can be in tune enough and be an instrument and touch their hearts," she added.

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