Charles Cherney, Associated Press
New Chicago Bulls player Carlos Boozer holds his jersey at the Bulls practice facility on July 9, 2010.

Bad luck with injuries has followed Carlos Boozer from Utah to Chicago.

The former Utah Jazz power forward broke his right hand Saturday and will miss at least eight weeks of action with the Chicago Bulls, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The injury happened on an off day from formal team training and will require surgery to repair the fractured fifth metacarpal on his shooting hand.

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Injuries plagued Boozer during his six seasons in Utah. He missed 138 of 492 games (28 percent) with the Jazz. The two-time All-Star was relatively healthy in his final season in Utah, playing 78 of 82 games. He did catch flack from some fans and skeptics after missing the key regular-season finale after tweaking an oblique muscle.

Should he heal in the guesstimated eight weeks, Boozer would be back long before the Bulls play the Jazz. The Bulls travel to Utah on Feb. 9, and the Jazz head to Chicago on March 12.


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