Question: Describe a formative moment or circumstance in your life:

Answer: After living in America for a while, some friends finally persuaded me to go to college. I was very hesitant because of a very low-esteem which can be attributed to growing up in poverty, lack of positive feedback and some bullying; I felt I would fail miserably. To my surprise, I did rather well in both undergraduate and graduate school! As I look back at that time, I know I learned the importance of giving people encouraging words and positive feedback — it can make such a difference in people's lives. I know it helped to change my life.

Reflecting on my life, I am aware that God placed many people in my life at different times. Whether I received a smile, a hug, a gentle touch, words of advice or a listening ear, all helped form me as a person. As I continue to learn from so many here in Utah, I am grateful for the caring of others.

Question: Why did you agree to serve on the Deseret News Editorial Advisory Board?

As I heard about the areas of editorial emphasis, I was excited to be part of the discussion. The opportunity to discuss Family, Faith in Our Communities, Excellence in Education, Care of the Poor, etc., was exciting. These are topics that are being discussed on a daily basis here in Utah as well as around the country and our world.

Question: Where do you see the future of journalism?

I believe that quality journalism has the potential to influence so many aspects of our lives, albeit in a somewhat different form. Journalism today is more like Dewey's concept of community journalism. As technology continues to evolve, there will be much more interaction between readers and journalists. There will always be need for writers who paint pictures with their words.