A new report by the Utah Department of Health showed that health within the state's Latino community has improved since 2005. The Utah Hispanic population showed improvement over time in 10 of 11 critical disease indicators, according to the Center for Multicultural Health report.

Hispanics saw declines in several disease rates from 2005-10, including gonorrhea, tuberculosis and arthritis. There was also improvement in the rates of many cancers, including colon, lung, breast and prostate cancer.

The ethnic group also had lower rates of death from diabetes and stroke over the time period, a news release stated.

The Utah Hispanic rates were better than the current overall statewide rates for arthritis, coronary heart disease death, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Utah Hispanics still had higher rates of gonorrhea and tuberculosis compared to the overall statewide population in spite of the other improvements over time.

Chlamydia is the only disease that increased among Utah Latinos. The disease has been on the rise statewide and among all races and ethnicities for whom data was available.

— Jasen Lee