OGDEN — The first phase of the river restoration project along the Ogden River Parkway is more than half completed.

Current renovations are most visible between Washington Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue. Crews have begun work near Gibson Avenue and will work east toward Washington Boulevard.

The riverbed has been widened as a way to restore the river to its historic condition. Stepping stones, timber pathways and a ramp have been added to provide access to allow trail users and fishermen to get closer to the river. Flat boulders in the stream allow anglers to wade into the water, and children can play in shallow pools that have been created.

A rock retaining wall and patio are being built on the south side of the river near Childs Avenue. Plans for a "high-adventure river park" — featuring a zip line and other options — are being designed for the north side. Concrete boxes have been installed on the banks throughout the project area in advance planning for possible water fountains and features.

— Brice Wallace