CENTERVILLE — Shade Clothing, a Utah company known for its modest clothing line, announced Thursday it will soon close all of its stores and its website.

Shade management blames a tough economy, saying the company has struggled for a couple of years, and that's why it's closing.

It's a company many customers are sad to see go. Raelene Christopherson said she likes shopping at Shade Clothing.

"I'm wearing Shade right now, and it makes it so I dress modestly," Christopherson told KSL Thursday.

When she and a bunch of other customers found out the stores and website are closing, they weren't too happy about it. "I'm bummed, because I think it's going to be harder for me to find outfits to wear," Christopherson said.

"It was just surprising," shopper Vicki McMurtrey said. "I thought they've always done fairly well."

Fans of the clothing line filled the company's Facebook page with comments wanting to know why stores are closing.

"We understand there is going to be a lot of confusion and questions. We would ask our customers to bear with us and be patient with us," said Joe Kewish, chief operating officer of Shade Clothing.

He said the company has struggled to stay afloat. "The last couple of years have been difficult for all businesses — (that's) certainly been true for Shade," he said.

The company says it's winding down current operations and getting rid of merchandise so it can close all seven stores and its website.

But Kewish said once the merchandise is gone, it won't be gone forever. The company hopes to change its business plan and make a comeback. "If we're able to do this successfully — wind down the stores and Web — then Shade will go dark for a period of time and then re-emerge sometime next year," he said.

The company didn't give any details as to what changes will be made or when those changes would happen, only that this is a necessary step to keep the brand alive.