SUNSET — The Utah Department of Transportation has identified four possible roads, one of which could be the future extension of the Legacy Parkway.

Along with the roads, which begin in Farmington at either Glovers Lane or where the existing stretch of Legacy ends, UDOT has mapped out several east-west corridors and public transit options in the West Davis Corridor Environmental Impact Statement study, which it presented Tuesday at the Sunset City Hall.

The four roads, like Legacy, run west of I-15: The 2001 alignment along Bluff Road, for which Davis County has been buying up land; an alignment to the east of Bluff Road that follows the power lines; an alignment that follows the railroad tracks used by FrontRunner commuter rail; and an alignment west of Bluff Road along the edge of the county and Great Salt Lake.

More information can be found at The public is asked to offer input before UDOT writes a draft statement that will include public input.

Charles Persinger, of West Point, spoke against a proposal to widen the street he lives along, 1800 North, and possibly run bus-rapid transit along it. Persinger said there are other east-west routes that would be better.

"I think a better alternative is 300 North," he said. "There are more houses and businesses on 1800 North than 300 North."

Also at the open house were representatives from the Wasatch Front Regional Council who were presenting a draft of the six-year Transportation Improvement Plan, which is a map of projects that will receive funding priorities from 2011-16, and four alternatives for the Regional Transportation Plan, which plans roadways through 2040. The current plan expires in May.

The TIP includes the proposed $71.4 million state Route 193, a new five-lane road in West Davis County, between Main Street and 2000 West in Clearfield. Railroad in the area would run beneath the road, said Ben Wuthrich of the regional council.

The Regional Transportation Plan showed a proposal for a third extension of Legacy Parkway into Weber County, right now being called the West Weber Highway. One proposal showed it running along roughly 5800 West in Weber County and connecting to Skyline Drive in Pleasant View.

"In the next couple of weeks, we're going to sit down and start deciding what stays and what goes," regional council spokesman Sam Klemm said. "If there's something somebody wants, now would be the time to tell us."

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