CEDAR CITY — Lightning caused two significant fires in Beaver County and near Cedar City over the past few days, totaling more than 400 acres.

The first fire began Monday night when lightning struck areas of southern Utah and northern Arizona, starting at least 30 fires. One fire 25 miles north of Cedar City, quickly spread to 397 acres. Fire crews with the Utah Bureau of Land Management and assisting agencies worked two days to contain the flames and are mopping up remaining hot spots.

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The second fire started about 13 miles northeast of Beaver and has spread to approximately 40 acres. The fire is burning mixed conifer in steep, rocky terrain.

The fire is being managed but is not under control. Fire crews will continue to observe the flames and officials have closed down access from Indian Creek Road to Manderfield Reservoir until further notice.

The thunderstorms that caused the second fire also caused 15 other smaller fires this past week, 10 of them on Fishlake National Forest.

— Elise Bassett