SALT LAKE COUNTY — A memorial service will be held Sunday for a woman who went missing 15 years ago and seemingly disappeared without a trace.

In December of 1994, Bobbi Ann Campbell. 24, left her home to pick up her paycheck and go to the grocery store. The paycheck was never retrieved, and Campbell was never heard from again. Several months later, her car was found abandoned near the Jordan River.

There were several alleged sightings of Campbell in the months after she disappeared. But soon the leads went cold. The Unified Police Department lists her disappearance as July 1, 1995. Since then, investigators have had very few leads as to what happened to the young mother.

Stephanie Cook was only 5 when her mother disappeared, but she remembers everything about her. She believes the fact her mother's paycheck was never picked up is evidence that something happened to her. Furthermore, she doesn't believe her mom would abandon her family.

"I don't think she would have just gone and left me," she said.

A week ago, a headstone was placed in Larkin Cemetery, 1950 E. 10600 South, with Campbell's name. Part of the headstone engraving says, "My loving mother" and has the dates April 20, 1970 to Dec. 27, 1994. At the bottom are the words, "You will never be forgotten. I love you."

The headstone will be dedicated during the Sunday memorial service.

But Cook said the event will not mark any type of closure.

"There's still no closure. It's still just as hard as it was when it first happened," she said. "There's always hope."

Cook said it is difficult not having anywhere to go on holidays or Mother's Day or Campbell's birthday to deliver flowers.

Last year, the nonprofit group Project Jason, which is aimed at helping family members find missing loved ones, put together a computer-enhanced image of what Campbell likely would look like in 2009. The group was started by a woman whose 19-year-old son went missing eight years ago.

When she disappeared, Campbell had blondish/light brown hair and blue-green eyes. She was 5 feet 1 inch tall, 105 pounds and had a two-inch scar on her right shoulder. She also had a tattoo of a rose on her left calf and a mushroom and sunbeam on her right leg.

Some websites that advertise Campbell's case in an effort to help find her also noted that Campbell may have had problems with drug addiction at the time of her disappearance.

Cook believes there are people who have information that could break the case, even if it's not criminal.

"Someone knows what happened," she said. "We won't be mad if she just left. We just want to know what happened."

Anyone with information on Campbell can call Unified police at 801-743-7000.