KSL Radio announced Thursday the station is dropping one of its most popular programs, "The Sean Hannity Show." Hannity's program, which has dominated the 1 to 4 p.m. time slot in the Wasatch Front region, will end its relationship with KSL Radio in October.

For the life of the program, it took the number one slot for Salt Lake City under the Arbitron Diary ratings system. Hannity was also the top-rated program in six of the first nine months of electronic measurement that began last fall.

In a press release, KSL CEO Mark Willes said the station acknowledged Hannity's contributions to the station.

"At the end of the day," Willes said, "we simply feel our future success and competitive advantage reside in creating unique local content, and that is our objective for developing replacement programming."

Hannity's sometimes controversial, politically oriented program has been with KSL since October 2001. KSL program director Kevin LaRue said the shift will allow the station to focus on more local programming.

"There are a lot of really innovative ideas that are in the pipeline that have been under consideration," he said.

LaRue does not expect any financial shortfall after losing the program, and expects its replacement to be competitive in Hannity's vacated slot.

Hannity's program was the only daily syndicated program airing on KSL. All other programs for the station are locally geared news and talk shows. On whether removing that program makes fiscal sense for the station, LaRue declined to comment.

LaRue was unsure if another station would pick up Hannity's syndication, although there is speculation that Clear Channel's KNRS 105.7 FM, which airs Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, could opt to air Hannity's show.