SALT LAKE CITY — Members of the Education Interim Committee discussed curriculum, career tools and issues of potential legislation Wednesday.

Utah legislators heard from state Superintendent Larry Shumway regarding the importance of quality and non-agenda seeking American history curriculum.

"I would always express caution about excessive intervention in the specifics of the curriculum," Shumway said.

Shumway's comments were in response to a question posed by Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, and committee chairman, who asked if there is any truth to rumors he's heard about textbooks painting the Founding Fathers in a negative light.

"My experience with our textbooks has been that that's not true," Shumway said.

The discussion was related to a prior agenda item in which the interim committee was told by deputy superintendent Martell Menlove that the State Instruction Materials Commission, which approves classroom materials, will be terminated on July 1, 2011, if not reauthorized by the Legislature. Menlove recommended that the committee consider suspending the termination date indefinitely, though no action was taken.

Shumway also addressed the committee regarding a new education and career planning website developed by the State Office of Education.

The site,, is a collaboration among several state departments as a one-stop resource for individuals planning their futures.

"Research is clear that students who plan … are far more likely to succeed," Shumway said. "We want to make sure that young people get the most bang for their buck with their high school education."

Adults and students alike are invited to register at the site, which contains information from the state Department of Workforce Services about job trending in cities throughout the state, as well as income comparisons for various degrees.