VINEYARD, Utah County — Years after it was removed from blast furnaces, more than 1 million tons of slag piled at the former Geneva Steel site will be put to use again.

Over the next three years, the slag will be processed and used in Utah's highway and bridge construction programs. Slag is considered to be a good material for road construction because of its durability and certain characteristics that allow it to form strong interlocking structures.

An unnamed private company will foot the bill for the project, which will be carried out by Pennsylvania-based Harsco Corp. The cost was not disclosed, but Harsco officials said the Geneva slag operation is one of two projects that together will cost nearly $40 million.

The operation is part of an effort to remediate the former Geneva site, which has lain vacant since crews finished razing the empty mill in 2007. The town of Vineyard and property owners eventually want to develop the site for industrial, commercial and residential use.

— Justin Ritter