MURRAY — Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered who that tired, aging face looking back is?

You can now get a new, beautiful, spring in your step with the opening of Utah's first Sephora — the leading experts in beauty.

The 5,515-square-foot store in Fashion Place Mall, 6191 S. State, Murray, opened Friday. It carries more than 13,000 products from more than 200 brands.

"We have makeup, skin care, hair care, body care, smile care, fragrance, beauty tools and accessories," said Kelly Haley, Sephora PRO Beauty Team expert.

"Here you get the best of the best from over 200 brands," she said while sitting at the makeup counter before the store opened.

"And as cast members (sales associates), you can come in and get tips from a beauty expert."

Each cast member goes through a rigorous beauty and education program. "It's the science of Sephora," Haley said, "so that every client can get the perfect item for them; their coloring, their skin type."

Sephora's approach to beauty not only allows — but also encourages — clients to play, test and try everything from lip-glosses to blushes, skin care to fragrance.

"We want you to try everything before you buy it," Haley said, noting that Sephora offers 10-minute Express Service (mini makeovers), as well as take-home samples.

"It's so much nicer to know if a foundation is going to match your skin before you get it home," she said.

Haley excitedly pointed out her favorite brands, walking through the shiny-floor store. "Lip stains are a necessity for summer," she said, picking one up from the Tokidoki line. "This one is so easy to put on, it's hydrating and long-wearing."

She also noted that makeup is going high-tech. "This is an actual LED light that kills the bacteria that causes acne; this tool is the new trend in washing your face," she said.

But the biggest trends: High-def makeup and the Temptu airbrushing system. "They're great — it's the best way to get really flawless skin. It's light-weight, very fast and super easy."

Even cellulite is getting the high-tech treatment. "Cellulite is essentially little fatty pockets," Haley said. "These creams are encapsulated caffeine, and they really work. But always apply with an upward stroke."

When asked why someone should switch from their drug-store brand to a line carried by Sephora, Haley said, "First, we have people that can lead you in the right direction, from learning how to do a smoky-eye, to help with troubling skin conditions. We always have the latest and greatest in beauty, and we have something at every price point. Come try something new."

And judging by the hundreds who rushed in the door during the first hour, people are ready for something new.