The position of Eric Samuelson (Readers' Forum, June 2) regarding illegal immigrants is extremely misguided and ignorant. His thinking is to just open the borders and issue everyone a green card. Wow. How exactly does that solve the problem? He says we won't issue green cards to people with criminal records. I guess he's not aware that the "criminals" don't stand in line waiting to be denied a card. I guess he hasn't heard of fake IDs or identity theft. I suppose he's really not that concerned about terrorists or drug smugglers.

Issuing a green card to "anyone who wants one" will solve the problems of our massive social welfare costs, rampantly overcrowded schools or the illegals incarcerated in our prisons? He must not be aware of or concerned about how much illegal immigrants cost the average taxpayer, either. He thinks all these things are just a "fake" crisis. I think his point of view is a real crisis.

Tonia Freeman Doussett