As it turns out, the season wasn't a complete disaster for the Washington Wizards, after all.

Interestingly enough, knowing where the teams are picking barely changed the players' generic rank.

Here's how it looks, with one thing to remember: There will still be movement up (Hassan Whiteside, I'm thinking) and down (Ed Davis, I'm thinking.)

1. Washington—John Wall, 6-4, 195, Kentucky. Big, athletic point guard, ranked above Derrick Rose who became an All-Star in his second year. Dream player to start over with for team that would have picked No. 5 without lucking out.

2. Philadelphia — -Evan Turner, 6-7, 205, Ohio State. Brandon Roy type. Another break, another team needing franchise player that was looking at picking No. 6.

3. New Jersey—Derrick Favors, 6-10, 246, Georgia Tech. Longer Al Horford with more skills.

4. Minnesota—Wes Johnson, 6-7, 195, Syracuse. Big-time small forward. They need a center but also have No. 15 and 23.

5. Sacramento—DeMarcus Cousins, 6-11, 270, Kentucky. Looks like second coming of Moses Malone but has reputation as head case.

6. Golden State—Greg Monroe, 6-11, 240, Georgetown. Not a dominating big man but a great passer, which will appeal to Don Nelson.

7. Detroit—Ed Davis, 6-9, 215, North Carolina. Very athletic, comes from great program but faces same transition fellow skinny Tar Heel Brandan Wright is still trying to make.

8. Clippers—Al Faroug-Aminu, 6-8, 210, Wake Forest. With Blake Griffin, they'd have the most athletic forward tandem in game.

9. Utah—Cole Aldrich, 6-11, 250, Kansas. They need a center so bad, they miss Greg Ostertag, a Jayhawk with a lot less going than this one.

10. Indiana — Epke Udoh, 6-10, 240, Baylor. They need big men and he's an intriguing one. Great shot blocker with surprising passing ability.

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11. New Orleans—Xavier Henry, 6-6, 210, Kansas. Shooting guard they've been looking for to put next to Chris Paul as long as CP3 has been there.

12. Memphis—Daniel Orton, 6-10, 260, Kentucky. Didn't start in his only college season but he's an athletic big man to groom to replace Zach Randolph.

13. Toronto—Hassan Whiteside, 7-0, 235, Marshall. Marcus Camby type. With Chris Bosh on his way out, they need a young big man.

14. Houston — Gordon Hayward, 6-8, 200, Butler. Very athletic with good skills.