PROVO — BYU officials say they did not know that guard Michael Loyd Jr., who was kicked off the Cougar basketball team last month, frequently ran afoul of the law during his time in Provo.

Loyd was cited multiple times for speeding during the past two years, according to a Salt Lake Tribune article. He was also cited for underage drinking and possession of a controlled substance in January 2009, in South Jordan.

According to BYU officials, Loyd did not disclose his legal troubles to the coaching staff. Loyd was apparently dismissed from the team for other reasons.

Last month, when coach Dave Rose addressed Loyd's dismissal, he said, "The situation with Mike basically came down to accountability issues, responsibility issues and things that we had discussed many times. When it came right down to it, we just felt that the direction that we were going as a team and as a program, and the things we felt were really, really important, that Mike kind of struggled with some of those issues. So the best thing for us to do was kind of go different directions."

BYU basketball media relations director Kyle Chilton said Friday that "neither Dave Rose nor his coaching staff are aware of any of the matters inquired about regarding Michael Loyd Jr. So no one was aware of his 'improprieties' when they were brought to our attention."

School officials said last month that Loyd was leaving BYU in good academic standing. They emphasized that he was not booted from the team due to academic problems or honor code issues.

Loyd helped the Cougars win their first NCAA Tournament game in 17 years last March, when he poured in a career-high 26 points against Florida in a first-round matchup.