GOSHEN, Utah County — Goshen Mayor Fred Jensen is determined to have a nuisance ordinance, bucking objections from noisy residents, and he said one would be drafted and considered at a future Town Council meeting.

Jensen's apparent intent with the ordinance is to get inoperable cars off the street and generally clean up the town.

The council held a meeting Tuesday to get ideas from residents on what they would like in the new law, Councilman Jeff Thompson said. The topic filled the tiny council room, which generally is empty during Town Council meetings.

The proposed ordinance would ban residents from storing in their yards a variety of discarded items, including rotting lumber and vehicles no longer in use. Jensen said storing such items provides a breeding ground and habitat for rodents.

No town attorney was present to clarify what could or couldn't be enforced under such an ordinance, but Jensen said he's mainly interested in health and safety issues in the farming community of fewer than 1,000 residents.

"Let's start by getting junkers off (town) property," Councilman Steven Staheli said.

Townspeople should help each other get their property in order, resident Keith Richards said.

"We've got to have pride in (our) town," Richards said.

— Rodger L. Hardy