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Karma Dale

For Karma Dale, teaching isn't just a job, it's a life style.

"I can't think of a profession that I'd rather be, than a teacher," Dale said. "It's just been a way of life, it just brings so much happiness."

Dale's unique teaching style and love for children at Rose Springs Elementary in Tooele has made her stand out to other teachers and students. "You're never so tall as when you stoop to help a child," she said. "I hope they find me reaching taller and taller as I stoop to help every child that walks in my class."

She realizes that every child learns differently, and she is always working to improve her teaching techniques.

"I think that kids learn better on their feet than on their seats," Dale said. "They're participators in the learning, not just observers."

Her hard work has paid off. With the Huntsman award money, Dale said she intends to trade in her old car. "Not a new car," she said, "just a nicer car."

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How do you keep your students on track and learning despite today's challenges such as bullying, gang violence and digital distractions?

"I work more on having them have a good positive outlook and everybody be treated by the golden rule," Dale said. "I think that eliminates a lot of behavior problems, drugs or violence or bullying."

She has also taught her children a limerick to keep them on the right track.

"A B C D E F G we're first grade and we're drug free H I J K L M N O P keep those drugs away from me Q R S T U and V violence isn't necessary W X Y and Z we're first grade and we're drug free."

— Elise Bassett