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Sheldon Case

After 44 years as an educator, both in the classroom and behind the scenes, Sheldon Case is well known throughout his school district in Heber, where he works hard to improve Timpanogos Intermediate School. He is better known as Sheldon "Pat" Case in his school. As principal, Case is responsible for helping open the two most recently opened schools in his district, pulling together staff and faculty into a team of educators.

At one point in Case's earlier career, at his school of 700 students, 300 students earned failing grades. Case tackled the issue by implementing a lunch study hall that allowed teachers to touch base with students over lunch and work on reinforcing material from the classroom. By the end of the term, failing grades among the student body dropped to 23 students.

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Another program designed and implemented by Case is his Power Up Program, which encourages more physical activity among students from traditional intramural sports to break dancing. Another physical fitness initiative of Case's includes his walk-a-thon. He encourages students to raise money for the walk-a-thon, then that money is used later in the year to reward students for good behavior or grades.

How do you keep your students on track and learning despite today's challenges such as bullying, gang violence and digital distractions?

"I have found a way to help children to become successful in their academics, and the more successful they are in academics, the less discipline, the less bullying I have in the classroom and on the playground."

—Gina Barker