SALT LAKE CITY — When the colors start to change next fall, expect to see more brown.

Salt Lake City officials plan to roll out some 31,000 brown, yard-waste containers and another 2,733 recycling bins by Oct. 1, when both programs will become mandatory.

The service — and fee — changes are part of Mayor Ralph Becker's efforts to divert 50 percent of waste from the city landfill by 2016.

So while other departments are seeing their budgets slashed, Becker is calling for a $1.2 million increase to the city's refuse collection fund.

"Right now, we divert, between green waste and recycling, about 19 percent of our waste stream," Vicki Bennett, the city's sustainability director, said Tuesday. "With these changes, we're looking at about 42 percent."

Instead of collecting yard waste for nine months out of the year, the program would run year-round under Becker's plan. Autumn leaf pickup and Christmas tree collection would stop.

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Residents can expect to see a $1.25 bump in their monthly bill if they already participate in the yard-waste program or a $4.75 increase if they don't.

The mayor's plan also calls for an additional nine full-time employees and nine more seasonal workers, at a cost of $824,000, by 2011-12.

The workers would help with educational efforts, said the mayor's spokeswoman, Lisa Harrison Smith. Workers would check bins and, at some point, could fine residents who mix yard waste with regular garbage.

The city also plans to add 25 glass-recycling bins around the city.