FARMINGTON — Lagoon didn't have a new ride this season, for the first time in 18 years. However, the Intermountain area's largest amusement park has now confirmed that it will open a new family-oriented roller coaster in 2011.

"We're calling it a family coaster," Dick Andrew, Lagoon spokesman, said. "It's certainly not a blockbuster. … But it will be a fun ride."

It will be located south and east of the Jumping Dragon Ride. The new coaster will replace space occupied by two small picnic pavilions. Construction will start at the end of this season.

However, he stressed that this construction is not related to or near another project at the northeast end of Lagoon. That work, to the north of the Samurai and Hydro Luge rides, involves construction of a new road to connect the Lagoon Annex building, located at the corner of Farmington's Main Street and Park Lane intersection, with the rest of Lagoon.

Andrew likened the new family-friendly roller coaster to The Bat, a $3 million suspended roller coaster that Lagoon opened in 2005. Many families can't ride The Bat together because of its 42-inch and taller height restriction. He said the new ride has no height limit established yet.

Lagoon already has six other roller coasters — Wicked, Fire Dragon, White Wooden Roller Coaster, Jet Star, Puff and The Bat — depending on your definition of a coaster ride — so the new one would be the seventh (or eighth, if you include the Wild Mouse ride.)

Andrew said the new coaster will further enhance the family ride area of Lagoon.

Lagoon is now open Saturdays and Sundays through the end of May and begins its daily operating season on Monday, June 7.

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