Here are some of the websites and organizations that Lee Romrell has found useful in tracking down family graves, and his comments on how they work: This is one of the best sites on the Internet for finding a particular grave in any state in the United States or Canadian provinces. Just type in the person's given names.

Utah Burials: Utah State History site enables a person to be able to find most graves listed on this database. The easiest way to access this site is to type in Utah Burials on the search engine, or go to

Other local cemeteries: Some of the cemeteries are not listed on the Utah Burials site. If they are not, type in the local cemetery on the search engine. A good example is the Bountiful Cemetery. Go to the Bountiful City site, then find cemetery under departments. It has a complete listing of all the people buried in the cemetery. This same procedure works for most cities in the United States and Canada. This site is operated by the LDS Church but can be accessed by anyone. It is a very convenient way to find ancestral relatives, and in many cases the city where they died will be listed, and in some cases the actual cemetery will be listed. This is a great site, but it charges a fee. In many cases, it can be accessed through local libraries for free or a minimal charge.

Local Family History Centers: The LDS Church maintains Family History Centers throughout the United States. Go to the Family Search site and find a listing of the site nearest to you.

Genealogy sites of relatives: Many families in the United States have family sites located on the Internet. Sometimes, we do not realize we may have relatives that can help us with a certain family member.

City governments and public works departments: Many cities have employees who are willing to help locate specific grave sites.