As a delegate representing University of Utah students, I will be supporting Sen. Bob Bennett at the state Republican convention. I was dismayed at the incivility of many of the attendees at the campaign event I attended. My generation is loath to participate in politics because our impression is of angry people yelling at each other and accomplishing very little. When I saw Sen. Bennett in person, I was impressed by his honesty, his even temper and his extensive knowledge of history and the Constitution.

It will be a sad day if Utahns choose to throw out an experienced, conservative senator simply because of the anti-incumbent anger sweeping our country. He is one of the good guys. We'll lose his influence on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Senate Banking Committee and the Senate Rules Committee. In exchange, we will have sent an angry message to Washington, but we will also have a rookie senator in the minority party who may be well-intentioned but realistically will be able to accomplish very little.

Shannon Oler

Salt Lake City