"One must judge well when making critical decisions in each phase of our life," Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer of the Seventy said during the Sunday afternoon session of general conference.... Although the Savior asked us not to judge others, He still expects us to use excellent judgment."

He said that one must judge well when making critical decisions in each phase of life; such as choosing friends, finding an eternal companion, or choosing an occupation that will allow one to care for family and serve the Lord.

Yet, the Savior gave the commandment to "judge not" in terms of fellowmen.

"We may often find ourselves making quick judgments about people, which can change or redefine our relationships with them," he said. "Often we make incorrect judgments because of limited information, or not seeing beyond that which is immediately in front of us. …

"Good judgment is needed not only in understanding people, but also in facing decisions that lead us to or away from our Heavenly Father," he said. "Many missed blessings in life are missed because worldly judgment was applied to what was really a spiritual decision."

Elder Schwitzer gave four guides for developing good judgment in making important decisions.

1. Put your own standards in alignment with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "A person can never be a good judge without the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a reference," he said. "The gospel has a long and successful record of guiding people to happiness."

2. Listen to the messages of the living prophet. "Each general conference an Ensign magazine contains advice from the prophets, which, if applied, will lead us to good judgment. We are left without excuse when we ignore them."

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3. Cultivate with the Holy Spirit a relationship of listening. "A relationship of listening often requires a quiet environment in which we can take time to ponder and hear the still small voice," he said. "This will open the communication with the Spirit, which is so badly needed."

4. Keep the commandments. "The willingness to keep God's commandments opens to us many promised blessings," Elder Schwitzer said.

"I testify, that when we face difficult decisions and follow these guidelines we can know how we should judge."

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